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Conversion Optimization: the key to your business growth

Our proven expertise in conversion optimization (CRO) offers you insightful strategies to effectively turn your visitors into loyal customers. In this way, we help you maximize your return on investment and propel your growth exponentially. Make conversion rate optimization your competitive advantage.

You need our conversion rate optimization services, if:

  • You are not satisfied with the quality of leads generated by your website.
  • You think your return on investment could be better.
  • Your current agency does not demonstrate proactivity to optimize your conversion rates.

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We act at different levels:


At the campaign level, we use all the data from your advertising platforms to generate the most qualified leads to your website, which will improve your conversion rates. For example, on Google Ads, keyword management is crucial to best qualify visits. We also use audience distribution and advertising content tests to improve our campaigns’ performance.

Website optimization

Optimizing your website is intrinsically linked to conversion optimization. A well-designed, easily navigable web interface promotes user engagement, enhances the user experience and increases the chances of conversion.

With us, we mobilize our expertise in SEO and web design to optimize every aspect of your website, ensuring maximum conversion optimization and outstanding performance. We also carry out A/B testing to ensure the best possible combination of elements on your site.

Forms and conversion funnels

We also perform A / B tests of crucial pages that feature forms and other information that help bring leads down the sales funnel. In particular, we test the number of fields that are optimal for generating the most high-quality leads as possible. In addition, we ensure that conversion paths are frictionless.

Lead generation

When it comes to lead generation, quantity is our the priority. We therefore strive to optimize the conversion of leads into sales, paying particular attention to conversion rates and average sales values. In e-commerce, we also take into account factors such as average shopping basket, customer loyalty and product return rates in our optimization strategies.

Some of our results

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Générer des leads par une stratégie de contenu

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X 2 Monthly revenue and online orders in 1 year

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Why entrust your CRO strategy to Leonard?

A scientific approach

When we talk about optimization and A / B testing, we cannot rely on our instincts. We prefer using a rigorous method to define the sample size on which we perform the tests.

UX design and marketing

Our conversion rate optimization strategies are jointly defined by our web strategists and user experience designer. In particular, they use qualitative data analysis tools, including session recording and heat maps.

Proven results

Our case studies speak for themselves. We are able to significantly reduce our customers’ cost per acquisition and offer them unprecedented ROI.

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