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Online business intelligence audit

Concretely, our audit allows us to have the most precise vision possible of a market on the Web before the redesign of a Web site and/or the marketing of a product in order to identify relevant strategic axes.

Conversion rate optimization

In order to increase the proportion and quality of visitors to your website who will perform one of the predefined actions, we develop a conversion optimization plan to maximize your ROI and ROAS.

Data analysis and reporting

What’s a web strategy without data analysis and reporting? At Leonard, we talk results. Data is no secret to our experts, who are constantly on the lookout for new analytical trends to maximize your online presence and reveal the potential of every dollar invested.

3 steps to define a digital strategy that will lead you to web success

Online business intelligence audit

A web strategy is a comprehensive plan of action designed to enhance a business’s online presence and attain specific short, medium, and long-term goals. A crucial aspect of developing an effective web strategy is to conduct a thorough analysis of the current situation. Without a clear understanding of the present reality, making informed decisions can be challenging.

At Leonard, we collaborate closely with our clients to determine what areas they can leverage for maximum impact. Our approach involves conducting an internal and external analysis to firstly, leverage their strengths to stand out from the competition, and secondly, identify weaknesses in order to rectify their situation and establish business objectives.

Digital strategy and tactics

With an omnichannel strategy, we make sure to define SMART objectives to measure our progress at every step. We leave nothing to chance, and monitor your KPIs closely at all times. In order to create a world that is 100% adapted to your target users, we develop personas to which we personalize each action depending on the stage of their buying journey.

Deployment of digital marketing strategy

Based on the tactics defined in advance, we define the resources needed to deploy the web strategy. We define the roles and responsibilities, the budget and the deployment schedule for the various actions. The aim is to prioritize actions with the greatest potential impact.

For monitoring and reporting, we use reports and data as a rudder to prioritize actions with the best return on investment. We carry out this exercise with varying frequency, depending on the tactics chosen, to enable continuous improvement that supports customer growth.

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