A team of experts passionate about new technologies, stimulating challenges, big customers and a golden rule: being happy at work. So, will you be joining us?

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Our values

The cement that hold our team together is the values we all share. All of our employees embody our values, regardless of the title on their business cards.

So beyond your skills and experiences, if you hold these same values, you probably have a spot among us!


We are all passionate about new technologies for the infinite possibilities they offer. On a daily basis, our passion is expressed through our many experiments, training sessions, and exchanges between the members of the team. Because passion is contagious!

What I appreciate about my job as a developer at Leonard is that there is no routine. Every week is different and brings a lot of challenges. We touch upon a lot of technologies and languages, it allows for us not to be bored and to also constantly learn.

Marc-Antoine Charest, Web Integrator/Developer

I did my first and my second internship at Leonard. These two experiences really gave me the learning bug for the job! I then had the chance to join the team full time. I am surrounded every day by people who are as passionate as I am.

Marie-Elisabeth Thibault, Project Coordinator and Web Integrator

My greatest pride since Leonard's launch 15 years ago is to have created what I consider to be the Dream Team. Just passionate, cultured, interesting and curious people. When we recruit, always look for like-minded, high-octane individuals that will fit well within our team.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist

Attention to detail

Leonardo da Vinci said: “The details are perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” The quality of our work is reflected in the attention to detail of all members of the team.

Leonard's strength is that nothing is left to chance. We are not just implementing technology; we are really looking for the best solution for our customers. We set ourselves realistic objectives and make sure that everything is done to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Patricia Rochette, Project Office Manager / Director

Leonardo da Vinci said, "Small details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." It is a mantra that the whole team is committed to respecting. Here, we always favour quality over our profitability. When we finish a project, it is because it has been approved by all the different experts involved. And at the end of the day, we can all be proud of it.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist


Is it possible to work somewhere where everyone respects each other, helps each other and enjoys working together? Yes! Leonard! Zero drama. Zero bureaucracy.

I feel that I am working in a healthy and balanced work environment, where the time allowed for projects is realistic and everyone respects each other.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist


“Come as you are” was already taken as a mantra, but we like the idea. We are authentic: we hate the cookie-cutter approach.

What makes me happy is to be able to be myself and always feel free to give my opinion.

Josianne Turcotte, HR Manager

This value is fundamental and all members of the team embody it simply by being themselves. We don't play games, either internally or with our customers. We stay real. It's part of our DNA.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist


The strength of a team is the unique contribution of each of its members. Collaborating allows us to give the best of ourselves and grow out of every project.

In a job, there are easy days and others that are more challenging. What makes the difference is to be able to count on a close-knit team in a pleasant atmosphere. The morning scrums allow us to look for solutions as a group and exchange ideas so that everybody improves.

Marc-Antoine Charest, Web Integrator/Developer

In each project, we will use everyone's strengths and let everyone have the opportunity to add their special touch. We work in a supportive atmosphere. We never feel alone, I learn so much from each project.

Patricia Rochette, Project Office Manager / Director

The team is the key point at Leonard. We collaborate a lot. We help each other and everyone gets along well. The activities organized by the Social Club make it possible to tighten the bonds that are felt daily at work.

Marie-Elisabeth Thibault, Project Coordinator and Web Integrator


Being happy at work is our golden rule. Leonard provides a framework that allows everyone to flourish professionally and personally. At Leonard, people skills are just as important as technical skills.

We are lucky to work in a pleasant environment. The management team is attentive. We have the right to strike a true balance with our private and professional lives. All the events organized by the Social Club allow us to strengthen our bonds with the whole team.

Philippe Cambron, Director - digital transformation

As a single mother, my family obligations come first. At Leonard, work-life balance is respected. I feel that management wants me to be happy both at work and at home.

Patricia Rochette, Project Office Manager / Director

When a boss does not base everything on the financial performance of his company, the well-being of the employees comes naturally. And cultivating happiness is not an effort for me, it's natural because it's part of my personal values. On a day-to-day basis, this translates into a pleasant no pressure working environment, mutual support and listening, training, stimulating projects and a lot of flexibility.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist


In an industry in perpetual motion, it is crucial to keep your eyes and your mind wide open at all times. At Leonard, being curious is not an asset, it’s a prerequisite.

The web is an area where you have to be curious and open to learning new things every day. At Leonard, we have the chance to work on very diverse projects and benefit from time and support to continuously upgrade our skills. We never get bored.

Marie-Elisabeth Thibault, Project Coordinator and Web Integrator

I appreciate that the ideas I bring to the table are listened to, appreciated and, above all, move projects along. At Leonard, we are encouraged to experiment and suggest unique solutions. It makes everyday life much more interesting.

Philippe Cambron, Director - digital transformation


With new technologies, everything is possible. At Leonard, we always try to be better than yesterday. This is where innovation begins. This state of mind is shared by all members of the team and our customers.

The big difference with Leonard compared with other agencies is that we don't stay in our comfort zones. We will always offer the best to our customers, and what will really meet their needs. We have the opportunity to push our limits, test and take risks and innovate.

Patricia Rochette, Project Office Manager / Director

At Leonard, we develop solutions, not compromises. We are not afraid to take on projects that have not been solved by other companies. It allows us to challenge ourselves and innovate on a daily basis.

Karl Demers, CEO/Senior Web Marketing Strategist

Surpassing oneself

You don’t need pressure to exceed expectations. Here, we are not focused on billable time goals or imposed overtime. We just want to be the very best we can be.

All our differences and the variety of our fields of expertise make Leonard a leader in the field.

Josianne Turcotte, HR Manager

I was given my chance at an internship at Leonard's and then was offered my first job. At no time did I feel limited in the projects I was given. I was challenged and offered support. Everyone always encouraged me.

Marc-Antoine Charest, Web Integrator/Developer

The contact with customers and the confidence given by the the management team push me to be the best I can be. In addition, we have equipment at the cutting edge of technology and multiple web marketing tools at our disposal. We are really given the means to get results.

Philippe Cambron, Director - digital transformation

Being able to share my passion with my customers is so stimulating. We can work together on a common vision because customers know that we are as concerned as they are in achieving their goals. We are a team of experts that don't take shortcuts. I feel as though I can fully carry out my job as a project manager.

Patricia Rochette, Project Office Manager / Director

Concilivi Seal

Leonard Web Agency holds the Concilivi seal, which recognizes that our agency has work-life balance measures adapted to the new reality of work and the needs of employees.

At Leonard, we think in the plural and never in the singular. We strive to ensure that all Leonardians find the balance they seek, allowing them to manage their lives as they deem suitable to focus on what matters most – family and mental health.

We have made it a priority to offer flexible hours, remote work options, festivities, development opportunities, and many other benefits.

Because the well-being of Leonardians has been our top priority for almost 20 years!

logo bleu et blanc du sceau concilivi reconnaissance famille travail

Life at Leonard is:

A quality environment

Our offices are brand new and everything is designed to make the body and mind feel good: spacious and sunny open spaces, access to a shower, standing working areas, lounge area, foosball, light therapy and even a beer machine!
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We have fun at work and at play. The Social Club never fails to offer us memorable moments: happy hours, sugar shack parties, weekends at the cottage, restaurant lunches every Friday, hockey and baseball game, concerts…you name it!


We promote healthy lifestyles by offering a gym membership to everyone and taking part in the Défis Entreprise as well as soccer and golf tournaments. A shower is also available for cyclists and runners.


At Leonard, balance between family and work is sacred. For this, we offer flexible hours, the ability to work remotely and most importantly, the right to a real disconnect.

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