Who is Leonard?

Leonard is a web agency based in Québec that specializes in digital marketing, website design and application development. Leonard’s 35 digital experts help promote Québec’s innovative businesses worldwide by helping them market their products online and accompanying them in their digital transformation.

A daily inspiration

Leonard bases its values and vision on Leonardo Da Vinci’s timeless precepts. Engineer and artist, Da Vinci was a visionary who challenged everything, dared to innovate and relied on analysis and science to perfect his experiments. It is upon this inspiring philosophy that Karl Demers, President of Leonard, based his company’s values.



In his time and even today, Leonardo da Vinci’s genius is indisputable. The reason for this consensus: an outstanding, scientific approach and a constant desire to innovate. Like him, we are not satisfied with our achievements and value the importance of experimenting, iterating and innovating on a daily basis.


In addition to being an emeritus engineer, Da Vinci was also a painter, sculptor and poet, proving that it is possible to be excellent in science and the arts. At Leonard, we place as much importance on science as creativity. We encourage our employees not to be limited to the title of their positions by promoting exchanges and training between different teams.


Like Da Vinci, we believe that “learning never exhausts the mind” and that “the more we know, the more we love”. In a constantly evolving market, being passionate is the only key to always staying one step ahead.

Why Leonard?

When you’re looking for a partner for digital growth, it’s very easy to get lost in the vast network of digital agencies in Québec or be blindsided by the sweet promises of marketers. However, not all agencies will be suitable for you. It is therefore important to choose wisely.

At Leonard, when we decide to partner with a client, we are primarily looking for a strategic fit. First, by achieving the same vision for how we see this future collaboration, and by ensuring our clients see the Web as an opportunity to dominate the market. Above all, when we believe strongly in our respective potentials, that’s where the magic happens. We believe these are the keys to a fruitful partnership.

Our mission is to generate value for companies looking to conquer new markets and have the means to achieve their ambitions. Leonard becomes a real extension of your teams; we pool all of our expertise together to support you. Our methodologies are honed to make sure you’re always one step ahead of the market and competition. The relevance of our analyses will enable us to optimize your online presence time and time again. We make sense of the data and always prove the results of our actions.

Finally, we don’t need to write our values on our walls to experience them on a daily basis, because they live in each member of our team:

  • Be passionate and learn each day
  • Exceed expectations
  • Innovate
  • Cooperate, with respect, transparency and authenticity
  • Focus on quality

Would you like to meet Leonard?

Do you identify with our values and think that our visions coincide? Do you want to go further on the web with the help of a team of experts?

Let's get to know each other

Our story

From Leonard’s beginnings to now, discover our 15 years of progress


This is the year the agency was founded under the name of Progmatik: The strength of an IT partner. One of our first customers was Creaform. In 2021, we are still partners today.


We moved quicky beyond the initial promise of a simple IT partner by also focusing on marketing, SEO, design and usability. Progmatik became Leonard: Design and Web Engineering.


In 2013, we had 10 employees and started to be cramped in our offices. We tore down our office walls and doubled the space.


We launched our first product, MonClubSportif, a sports management app designed to promote communication between coaches, athletes and parents.


We said goodbye to our pixel E! We reaffirmed our values and positioning with a new brand image, entirely designed by our team. The event is highlighted during a memorable evening at Domaine Cataraqui. See the project on Behance


Leonard now has 22 employees. There isn't a single free space in our offices anymore. We are moving into our new offices that three times bigger. Virtual visit of the office


We recently launched our new product, Hector, which asset management software for businesses in all types of industries.