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Designing a website is a team effort

A new website is not just a new design, but an opportunity to create a product that really matches your challenges and goals. To design your website, we bring together a multidisciplinary team of marketing strategists, SEO experts, a UX designer, a web designer, an editor, developers, integrators and a project manager. All these services are offered within our web agency in Quebec and are never outsourced.

Our strength is to know how to adapt to all technical challenges and integrate new solutions within any environment. Whether you need an e-commerce site or a non-transactional site, our developers will always recommend the best approaches possible.

Entrust your website project to Leonard if :

  • You want your site to perform as soon as it goes online.
  • You want to count on a team who is available and listens to your needs.
  • You want to work with a perfectionists who don’t cut corners.

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Our focus


Thanks to a preliminary online business intelligence audit, we identify the keywords to use on your site as well as all the opportunities to improve search engine rankings: content, referral links, structured schemas, etc. And once the project gets into the hands of the technical team, SEO remains a priority: speed optimization, text and image markups, sitemap.xml, Open Graph Protocol, multilanguage management, permanent redirects, etc. From the beginning to the end of a website’s design, we make sure everything is set up to comply with Google’s best practices.

User experience

A website must facilitate conversions regardless of what computer or device is being used. We make sure that the delivered sites are as easy to use as possible, whether viewed on a mobile, tablet or computer screen. We also focus on defining conversion paths using a simple information architecture, compelling graphics and great CTAs.

Technology and speed

A fast site will position itself better on search engines and will offer a better experience to users. We maximize the speed of all of the websites due to our choices in technology. In addition, we constantly monitor market developments, new technologies and the latest research to advise you on the best technologies available.


All of our sites have HTTPS security protocols and SSL certificates, which are part of Google’s best practices. In addition, we frequently back up databases and update content managers and extensions so that the site does not become vulnerable to external attacks.

Are you looking to design a new website or redesign your existing one?

Why entrust your website redesign to Leonard?

We take up every challenge

We do not have one set technology. We choose the ones that will best suit your goals. Our developers love challenges and are not afraid to learn a new programming language to solve your business challenges. We adapt to all circumstances and always find a solution.

Management Autonomy

We do not want you to be dependent on Leonard forever. That is why, we train you to use the back office to integrate new content, create new forms or new pages. You will be in the driver’s seat for your website. And we are always available to support you!

Analytics and tracking

When your website is delivered to you, we will also provide you with a perfectly configured Google Analytics view: events, goals, domain name, spam and IP filters, etc. You will be able to follow your website’s evolution without the data being biased by your connections or those of malicious robots. You will also be able analyze its performance thanks to our advanced tracking plan implemented via Google Tag Manager.

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