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We ensure fluidity between all your systems.

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We offer tight integration between all of your systems

It is very rare that we design a website or application without linking it to a CRM and / or ERP. Essential to the smooth running of an entire business, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often connected to your CRM tool, which allows you to maximize the sales team’s performance. We envision your website as a sales and customer relationship interface. That is why it must absolutely work with your internal tools. Thanks to our expertise with many CRM and ERP systems, we implement information systems that optimize your internal processes.

Entrust your technological integrations to Leonard if :

  • Your CRM data does not reflect Google Analytics statistics.
  • You believe that your site can not integrate with your CRM.
  • You are not able to know which website visits generate revenues.

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Our implantation strategies allow for:

Internal process optimization

Effective integration of all your systems with your website will save you a lot of time! No more manual entry or mistakes. Integrated solutions will facilitate communication between departments and increase team satisfaction and productivity. Let your employees focus on your core business.

Optimal information management

Have you ever lost crucial information about an order or prospect? Have you ever failed to honor an order in time because of poorly transmitted information between your different teams? Reduce the risk of human error thanks to a functional and seamless information system.

Multiplying the possibilities

Our in-depth knowledge of CRM and ERP allows us to take full advantage of what the systems can offer. And if a feature that may be useful to you does not exist, we are probably able to design it for you.

Marketing automation

Automatically sending emails to your prospects, reaching out to customers who have added products to their shopping cart without buying them, or promoting your content to prospects and customers who have shown interest are a snapshot of all the possibilities that a CRM, website and automated marketing tool can offer when they work together.

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Why entrust your system integration project to Leonard?

Our extensive expertise

We are familiar with the most widely used systems such as SalesForce, SageCRM, MicrosoftDynamics, SAP, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and we also adapt to your home systems thanks to the versatility and great expertise of our technical team.


Your business needs are unique, and we understand that. We’re able to tailor everything to your needs and realities.


CRM tools can often derail Google Analytics tracking, but we implement advanced solutions to make sure we pass on the information and accurately measure your marketing efforts.