Standards of conduct

Whether it is to ask a question, express a point of view or constructive criticism, your opinion matters to us. Leonard promotes respectful exchange of views and open discussions on his social networking platforms. Therefore, any comments will be taken into consideration, with the exception of the cases listed below:

  • Discriminatory remarks (for example: racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic)
  • Defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar or offensive remarks or any remarks deemed reprehensible
  • Comments involving any form of threat, intimidation or harassment
  • Comments that violate a law or infringe copyright
  • Comments containing personal or confidential data and comments likely to infringe the privacy of anyone
  • Advertisements, real or concealed, as well as propaganda
  • The incomprehensible words
  • Messages published repeatedly or off topic

In order to promote respectful discussion, Leonard reserves the right to remove offensive comments. It is important to maintain a respectful discussion that benefits all users and does not turn into a private debate.

Stealing a person’s identity is a serious offense. Any user who uses a fake account or multiple identities will have their access privileges removed and will be reported to the authorities responsible for the relevant social media.

A user can at any time consult the information available on the various social media managed by the agency, because it is not necessary to subscribe to them to carry out interventions.

When content is posted on social media, it becomes public and can, in principle, be viewed by anyone who accesses that media. It is important to keep in mind that when there is content posted on the web, it is indexed by search engines and can be seen by anyone who views that page. Even if a comment has been removed by its author, it may have been reposted by other users before it was withdrawn and continue to circulate on social media; that’s why anything made on social media should be thoughtful.

Several Leonardien employees have accounts on certain social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Some identify as employees of Leonard. Despite their professional affiliation, their posts and positions do not represent the official position of the agency and should be regarded as personal opinions.

The addition of hyperlinks to other sites is allowed if the content is relevant and related to the discussions or topics discussed. Advertising and pollution (spam) will not be tolerated. Leonard does not in any way vouch for these third party sites and their content.

If you want to post photos or videos on one of our social networking platforms, make sure the files are in the public domain and that you have permission from the author and the people who appear there.

Failure to comply with the rules set out in this netiquette by a user may lead to the removal without notice of his interventions and the suspension of his access privileges to the accounts of the web agency.

As social media evolves rapidly, we reserve the right to modify these rules of use at any time and without notice. We invite you to consult this page regularly.


Rules specific to certain social media


By posting content to a Leonard account, Internet users grant the agency free and unlimited permission and the right to use and distribute their content, for all purposes.

By writing on social media and / or a digital discussion platform, Internet users understand that their comments are posted online for an indefinite period of time, and are indexed by Internet search engines.



To learn more about Leonard web agency on Facebook, you can visit the page. The agency has no control over the intuitive ads generated automatically by Facebook. Leonard is not responsible for and does not endorse these advertisements. Everyone posting on this page is responsible for their own words and actions, and the agency does not necessarily endorse individual comments.


Instagram, Linkedin et Twitter

To learn more about Leonard web agency you can follow Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Any subscription to the agency account does not automatically result in our subscription to your account. Our decision to follow an account does not mean that we endorse or approve of its words or activities. Also, our decision to re-share another user’s post does not mean Leonard endorses that user. We are not responsible for their activities or their words. Shares mentioning @leonardagenceweb or #LeonardAgenceWeb is not necessarily endorsed or endorsed by the agency. We reserve the right to block or remove a subscriber at any time if we deem their actions or words to be inappropriate.

For all official correspondence, please use the Contact Us section of our website or contact us at 581-481-4298.