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User experience design plays a vital role in the quality of all the experiences we design: website, application, campaigns, forms… To ensure that our interfaces are pleasant for users to use as well as efficient for our customers, the UX designer is involved at every stage of the project, working closely with our marketing team, web designer and developers. From project start-up to final quality control, the user is at the heart of Leonard’s concerns.

You need Leonard’s expertise in UX design if:

  • Your users do not convert on your site.
  • You have already been told that it was difficult to find information on your site.
  • You are planning a site or application redesign.

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Our UX design approach


We define personas representing your target audience to ensure that all project stakeholders remain centered around these users, and that all interactions will have been designed with them in mind to deliver the best user experience.


The tree structure is a key stage in the design of a Web product. It defines the high-level information architecture, and must absolutely correspond to the personas’ browsing habits and mental model. We ensure that users will be able to find the information they’re looking for simply and without friction.

Schematic mock-ups

Our in-depth knowledge of CRM and ERP allows us to take full advantage of what the systems can offer. And if a feature that may be useful to you does not exist, we are probably able to design it for you.

Conversion optimization

Once online, using quantitative data collected by Google Analytics and qualitative data collected by heatmaps, session recordings and user testing, we can continuously optimize the experience through A/B testing to improve conversion rates.

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Why entrust your experience design to Leonard?

A UX-aware team

In addition to our user experience designer, our entire team is UX-aware. Our Web strategists, UI designers, developers and integrators are all committed to delivering the best possible experiences.

Dedicated quality control

You could say that at Leonard, we’re quality freaks. In addition to technical, visual and marketing quality control, we also carry out usability and UX QA. Nothing is too good for our customers and their users.

UX is not optional!

Experience design is not a fad, nor is it an option that can be added to or subtracted from a project. We always involve the UX designer in projects, because his work is one of the pillars of the final product’s quality and effectiveness.

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