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At Leonard, our team of experts specializes in the creation and optimization of transactional websites that help businesses achieve their goals. We set up a solid structure and fluid navigation to offer your visitors an exceptional user experience.

Every detail counts in our results-driven approach, with optimized key pages, high-performance Google Shopping campaigns and meticulous product flow management to maximize your online presence and increase sales.

Trust our expertise to create a powerful transactional website, designed to convert your visitors into satisfied customers and propel your business to online success.

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  • Your transactional site isn’t performing to its full potential
  • You want to improve the user experience of your customers and prospects
  • Your website visitors aren’t converting

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Our approach to building a high-performance transacrtional website

Key page optimization

Our team optimizes the key pages of your transactional website, including the home page, collections, products and shopping cart. Every step of your visitors’ journey is carefully studied to optimize your online sales.

Creation of acquisition funnels

Our approach also includes the creation of effective acquisition funnels for your transactional site. We build personalized buying paths that guide your visitors from their first interaction with your site through to final purchase. Using proven optimization techniques, we minimize barriers to purchase and maximize conversions, improving the performance of your transactional site.

Feed & Google Shopping

We also master the optimization of your Google Shopping presence through the creation of accurate, optimized product feeds. We ensure that your products are attractively presented, and that the information is accurate and relevant to maximize your visibility on this major platform. With our expertise, you can make the most of Google Shopping to drive traffic to your site and boost sales.

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Why entrust the optimization of your transactional site to Leonard?

eCommerce Cart Conversion Optimization

We use proven techniques to improve cart conversion rates, ensuring that every element of your site is designed to guide visitors towards purchase. By closely aligning your site with the expectations and needs of your target audience, we maximize the effectiveness of every interaction.

The eCommerce User Experience

We ensure that your site is not only aesthetically appealing, but also easy to navigate and intuitive. We understand that UX can make or break a sale, so we pay close attention to every detail to ensure a positive, user-friendly experience.

eCommerce Website SEO Optimization

We master the art and science of SEO to ensure that your site is not only designed for the consumer, but also optimally structured for search engines. We make sure that your transactional website attracts qualified traffic and enjoys maximum visibility.

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