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Transport Lavoie Manage the operations of an entire company in one, easy-to-use app

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Transport Lavoie is a large company that offers a wide variety of transportation services thanks to an expansive fleet of trucks and trailers that can cater to a wide variety of its customers’ needs. Transport Lavoie delivers fuel from refineries all the way to gas stations. Each day, approximately fifty of Transport Lavoie trucks travel across Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Before working with Leonard, drivers had to start off each week at the company headquarters to get their route maps. They also had to manually fill out their timesheets. All the information was then re-entered in a legacy software that no longer met the company’s growing requirements. While many fleet management systems were on the market, the fact that Transport Lavoie delivered fuel meant that it had a variety of different criteria regarding filling the trucks’ tanks and delivery locations. Transport Lavoie therefore mandated Leonard to optimize its internal processes using a customized web app.

Our expertise brought to the project:


For Leonard’s seasoned developers and analysts, this project was not necessarily a technical challenge. However, 20% of the project’s hours was dedicated to conducting analyses. In fact, the team had to detail the entire list of features and modules that the app had to include.

The app's modules


At the heart of this new web app, the client wanted to be able to plan deliveries, including scheduling and route planning for all of its drivers. These features would not only simplify the work of managers and optimize driving routes but also provide drivers all the information they needed to deliver their cargo on time and at the right locations. This meant that drivers no longer had to head over to the company’s headquarters each week. What’s more, changes could be made on the fly.


The app had to help users to create and manage customer information, including clients who owned several gas stations and paid different rates. The app had to feed drivers with all the required information, issue work orders, delivery confirmations and bills. Furthermore, a special featured was developed for tank gauge charts, which are extremely important for fuel delivery.

Pay management

Thanks to information entered into the app by drivers during deliveries and GPS tracking, the system would have to automatically produce and send timesheets to the human resources department. In total, 50 time sheets had to be generated by day in the app.

The human resources team was required to use the app to manage the entire company’s payroll and employee information.

Fleet maintenance

The data collected by the timesheets allowed management to keep an eye on fleet maintenance. Heavy vehicles, which are subject to strict regulations, must undergo regular maintenance procedures and inspections based on mileage. The company wanted the app to alert the proper teams for upcoming maintenance, identify upcoming needs and access the entire fleet’s history.


In the past, it took teams nearly a week to put together dashboards and reports. With all the data entered into the new app, reports could be generated in just a few clicks. As a result, the app would enable the team to optimize planning on a daily basis and accelerate delivery times thanks to access to critical information.


The app was a total game changer for Transport Lavoie. Developed using a modular approach, the app can evolve over time and adapt to the company’s changing needs. Leonard helped Transport Lavoie to adopt an overall digital strategy, which in turn, helped it save time and money with respect to: work planning, data processing, operations, human resources and fleet maintenance.

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