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Coifferie Become the reference for online sales of your products

x2 Monthly revenue and online orders in 1 year

+333% Percentage increase in sales per month in 1.5 years

8.5 Return on investment of paid campaigns (ROAS)

Experts and passionate about hairdressing for 40 years, is the first professional hair care store in Quebec.

Since 1970, Coifferie has been offering the best personalized expertise and the largest selection of professional hair products at the best price, available online since 2019.

Our expertise brought to the project:


Coifferie has established a legacy of excellence in in-store sales of hair products and in the salon industry through years of experience and expertise. In order to consolidate its growth and boost its performance, the company sought to optimize its online presence.

Following an audit conducted by our team, we were able to reveal areas of improvement, particularly in terms of advertising pre-censorship, namely Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We were also able to bring our expertise in SEO, technical SEO, search-engine-optimized content creation, siloing, and content structure.

We collaborated with Coifferie in the execution of a strategy to address these limitations and fully exploit its online potential.

+164% Percentage increase in organic visits in 1.5 years

+822% Percentage increase in visits to the blog in 1.5 years

+80% Percentage increase in sales from organic channels

Leonard Approach

Optimization of the technical referencing

Through our business intelligence audit, we were able to determine the main weaknesses and opportunities of Coifferie.

While conducting our audit, we noticed some issues with the content strategy and technical elements of the website. We worked on the consistency of the Hn tags of all the pages, making sure that they include relevant keywords that we identified during in-depth keyword research for a better ranking and especially to match the users’ requests and intentions, as well as several other technical elements to favor their positioning in search engines.

We also made recommendations regarding the blog section of the site resulting in an 822% increase in visits to the blog in 1.5 years. Our SEO experts made sure to put effort into improving the structure of the site, and thus, a silo architecture was put in place to help organize the pages of the site, facilitate the crawling and indexing of the pages by the search engines, optimize the crawling budget and facilitate the navigation of the users.

Pay Per Click: The essential lever for immediate growth

We launched paid campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook. The pay-per-click came in support of increasing brand awareness and sales in an immediate way while the SEO optimization was taking place, as well as to stay ahead of the competition.

Paid campaigns also helped us reach customers at different stages of their buying process and thus achieve our business goals in a short period of time. 

Our expertise in product feeds and shopping campaign optimization has increased revenue for, with returns on Ad Spend of 8.5X, which is twice as high as the Benchmark. 

The most important aspect of these campaigns is the ability to analyze the data and optimize it regularly. Therefore, the implementation of an online advertising strategy has allowed us to increase sales through various remarketing actions as well.

Audit of the mailing channel

For a B2C website offering a multitude of products, it is important to stay in touch with customers on a regular basis to stay on their minds. 

As we know from our research and analysis that shoppers appreciate being informed about the latest products and promotional offers, we have implemented an accurate and effective newsletter strategy that allows the brand to build a closer and long-term relationship with its customers by keeping them informed about the latest offers.

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