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Grow your business using analytics

At Leonard, we consider ourselves data-driven. That is because we base our strategic recommendations for optimization based on what the data teaches us about a situation. We go a long way in tracking and cross-referencing data to extract as much business intelligence as possible so that every channel, every campaign and every dollar invested reveals its full potential.

You need Leonard’s data analysis expertise if :

  • Your current agency presents you with the same reports every month, without digging into the assumptions or recommending optimizations.
  • Your paid search campaigns are stagnating and you want to lower your cost per acquisition.
  • You want to know exactly how and by whom your website is used.

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Our approach to data analysis and reporting

Data tracking plan

Most web agencies will just put an analytics code on your site and if you’re lucky, set up a few conversions. We go further with advanced tracking plans, implemented through Google Tag Manager, to accurately analyze the effectiveness of each element of your website.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Attentively monitoring your KPIs, our team utilizes an array of dashboards to meticulously track website and marketing campaign performance in real-time. Furthermore, our proactive setup of numerous alerts allows for quick identification and correction of any anomalies. Does your current agency offer this level of tailored, proactive service?

Performance report

We do not have a reporting template because all our customers need to see and understand different data. After having defined your KPIs (key performance indicators) with you, we present to you, each month or quarter, the data that has a value for your business as well as the improvements that our advanced web analytics revealed.


Not familiar with Google Ads, Google Analytics or Facebook Ads interfaces? We can design interactive dashboards that go straight to the essentials. Do you need to do cross-refrence complex data from multiple sources? We can also design custom dashboards according to your needs. If you require a more customized perspective, more specific dashboards can be requested. Does your current agency offer you customized tracking tools?

Why entrust Leonard with data analytics and reporting?

Certified web strategists

Our strategists are all certified in Google Analytics and continuously receive training to master all the subtleties of this powerful tool.

International call tracking

We put tools in place to track calls from your website and international advertising campaigns.

We make the data unveil your true potential

While many agencies will arrange the data that they present to you so that you are satisfied with their work, we have a true will to understand all the negative or positive outcomes of our work. Our goal is to improve day after day.

From marketing to sales

Leveraging our solid expertise in CRM personalization, we build sales dashboards that seamlessly connect your marketing campaigns to the conversion journey, from initial visit to lead conversion and, ultimately, to closing the sale.

Do you really use all the data analytics from your campaigns and your website?

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