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Every day around the world, users potentially interested in your services are missing out on your website. Thanks to Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Naver Ad Services or Yandex.Direct, we can ensure you to be seen and drain qualified traffic to your site. But these campaigns’ management and optimization should not be left to chance. To ensure performance at the best prices, we have implemented extensive optimization processes, manual and automatic. Our goal: to generate qualified conversions at an ever lower cost to guarantee a good ROAS (return on ad spend).

Entrust your Google Ads campaigns to Leonard if:

  • You have the impression that the money invested in your campaigns is not generating the right results.
  • Your current agency is not able to improve your campaigns’ performance.
  • You never thought that Google Ads could be useful to your business.

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Our PPC focus

Keywords and auctions

Keywords are the center of the strategy. Do not leave them to chance. We perform a complete search that identifies all opportunities. Then, we optimize targeted keywords and bidding in order to keep campaign costs as low as possible and outpace the competition.

Ads and landing pages

We make sure that both the ads the user sees and the page he or she visits correspond to the query. This precise semantic segmentation increases the click-through rate and the ad quality score, thereby reducing costs.

Total mastery of Google Ads

Our Google Ads experts, certified by Google, master all facets of online advertising, from Search to Display and Performance Max. Always on the lookout for new trends, they ensure that your campaigns are at the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation, propelling your commercial success.

Data analysis

Google Ads and similar platforms generate a significant amount of data that contains valuable insights. With our tools and dashboards, we analyze this data in depth to ensure we get the maximum results out of the campaigns we manage.

Some of our results

9 x the amount of organic traffic in 2 months

Increase traffic with a redesign

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X 12 Multiplication du trafic par 12 en 3 ans

Générer des leads par une stratégie de contenu

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Why entrust Leonard with your Google Ads campaigns ?

ROI & ROAS: our priorities

Through meticulous campaign management, we optimize campaigns to maximize conversions while minimizing costs. Our analytical approach enables us to closely monitor performance, analyze data and adjust according to results to ensure high ROI and ROAS.

Important advertising budgets

With our proven expertise in managing a number of high-budget advertising accounts, including over $3 million in advertising budgets per year, our Leonard agency positions itself as a reliable partner to propel your online presence.


We tap into the full potential of many features offered by Google Ads, including making automation scripts. These allow us, for example, to stop the worst performing ads or to pause keywords that do not generate conversions without manual intervention. At the request of our strategists, our developers regularly create new custom scripts because they save a lot of time.

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