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Quebec City

« Leonardo da Vinci said, "Small details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." It is a mantra that the whole team is committed to respecting. Here, we always favour quality over our profitability. When we finish a project, it is because it has been approved by all the different experts involved. And at the end of the day, we can all be proud of it. »

Karl Demers, Président & Conseiller stratégique / Chargé de projets

« This value is fundamental and all members of the team embody it simply by being themselves. We don't play games, either internally or with our customers. We stay real. It's part of our DNA. »

Karl Demers, Président & Conseiller stratégique / Chargé de projets

« I appreciate that the ideas I bring to the table are listened to, appreciated and, above all, move projects along. At Leonard, we are encouraged to experiment and suggest unique solutions. It makes everyday life much more interesting. »

Philippe Cambron, Directeur transformation numérique

« The contact with customers and the confidence given by the the management team push me to be the best I can be. In addition, we have equipment at the cutting edge of technology and multiple web marketing tools at our disposal. We are really given the means to get results. »

Philippe Cambron, Directeur transformation numérique

« We are lucky to work in a pleasant environment. The management team is attentive. We have the right to strike a true balance with our private and professional lives. All the events organized by the Social Club allow us to strengthen our bonds with the whole team. »

Philippe Cambron, Directeur transformation numérique

« At Leonard, we develop solutions, not compromises. We are not afraid to take on projects that have not been solved by other companies. It allows us to challenge ourselves and innovate on a daily basis. »

Karl Demers, Président & Conseiller stratégique / Chargé de projets

At Leonard,

we have a marketing vision that is centered around data: top-notch tracking plans, interactive dashboards and performance reports that don’t cut corners. We’re looking for a Web Analytics Specialist to complete our team of 6 digital strategists.

Can’t get enough of marketing? Have you (almost!) found the Holy Grail of Google Analytics? Are dashboards more to you than what you find in your car? Let’s meet! At Leonard, your recommendations are not only taken into account but also carried out by a team that is on top of the latest online trends and best practices.


  • Generate performance tracking reports (KPI) and identify useful information for web business intelligence
  • Create automatic and semi-automatic dashboards
  • Interpret and analyze information from many sources
  • Propose innovative strategies and tactics
  • Be abreast of the latest trends on the web


  • Have a degree in analytical marketing, mathematics, statistics or in any other relevant field
  • Advanced knowledge of statistics and datamining
  • Master dashboarding tools (Tableau Software, Power BI, Google Data Studio and DoubleClick)
  • Have good knowledge of SQL database
  • Mastery of Excel and pivot tables
  • Knowledge of website tracking plans
  • Interested in learning new software (Google Tag Manager, Tableau, etc.)
  • Have an interest in Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • Strong knowledge or interest in digital marketing
  • Google Ads/Google Analytics and/or HubSpot certified
  • Have good knowledge of one or more CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, etc.)
  • Have experience using Web marketing tools
  • A proven interest in data science programming languages (Python, R, etc.)

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