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Business intelligence audit: the necessary step for an effective site

Most web agencies will offer you an SEO audit: study of keywords, search for technical problems and optimization tracks to improve your site’s performance. At Leonard, we prefer talking about an online business intelligence audit because we are not satisfied with just the analysis of a website. We take into account the whole ecosystem in which it exists. The ultimate objective of this exercise is to deliver business intelligence so that it becomes an actionable online strategy.

Specifically, our audit allows us to have the most accurate vision possible of a market on the web before the redesign of a website and / or the marketing of a product in order to identify relevant strategic approaches. And because each case is different, we tailor our audit to your goals and the reality of your market.

You need an online business intelligence audit, if:

  • You plan on redesigning your website
  • Your website does not perform up to par
  • You do not think your website can generate more concrete results

Our approach

In-depth analysis

Thanks to several powerful tools, we analyze your website and your entire online presence. We try to answer, among other things, these questions: What are your website’s strengths and weaknesses? On which keywords does your site rank, and which queries generate traffic? Are technical or ergonomic issues preventing your website from performing? Are your content, texts and images optimized for organic search and relevant to your personas? Does your site have good-quality backlinks in sufficient numbers? Are users of your website facing recurring errors or problems navigating? In other words, we identify all of your website’s opportunities and threats from a technical, ergonomic and SEO point of view.

Market analysis

We perform introspection along with your web competitors’ analysis. These are not exactly the ones that you usually define as your competitors, but all sites that can position themselves on the same requests as you: direct and indirect competitor, blogs, distributors site, partner sites, … for each of these sites, we carefully analyze keywords, marketing and content strategies, backlinks, information architecture and ergonomics. Where do your competitors stand in relation to you? Does a big player dominate the market? What efforts will be needed to become a leader on the Web? In addition to giving us powerful recommendations, this analysis allows us to draw a complete picture of your competition on the Web.


A web ecosystem is not only defined by a website and those of the competitors, but also by all the sites on which your persona can go to ask questions, give his opinion, compare or just search for information. At all times during our audit, we focus on your audience. This allows us to ensure that the suggested content responds to recurring questions about the persona purchase cycle, but also that we have taken into account all the queries they can make to obtain information. It also allows us to identify valuable opportunities for publishing content, acquiring referral links, influence strategy or partnership. Learn more about personas


We conclude our audit by presenting it to you in the form of a report including our recommendations. We design this report to be educational and understandable to all members of your team. We include a complete list of keywords of interest, sorted and prioritized, a list of referenced link opportunities, a campaign plan, content and social marketing strategies, and an action plan. And since every customer is different, every audit is different as well. We make sure you get the intelligence you need to perform on the web.

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Increase traffic with a redesign

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+ 25 % increase in visitors since the website was revamped

Recruit through a web strategy

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Why choose Leonard for your web audit?

The intelligence

We are committed to providing you with information and statistics that will help you grow your business on the web. We will identify high-volume keywords that are not used by competitors and the opportunity to design new content and target new market segments, territorities and strategic partnerships. We do not let any opportunity pass us by.

The results

Our case studies, our customers’ satisfaction, and the statistics are formal: it works! When it precedes a website’s redesign, our audit ensures a rapid increase in organic traffic and conversions; and when it aims to optimize an existing site, it clearly makes the difference.

The unique expertise

You will not find a comparable product anywhere else. Our methodology is unique. We have developed it over the years and are constantly improving it.

Does your website perform to its full potential?

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