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Optimize your site's visibility in Google

SEO: The priority gateway to your website

SEO, that is, search engine optimization, must be at the heart of your digital strategy. It is a constant effort to position your website on search engines so that customers choose your business first. To optimize a website, it is first necessary to know the overall picture of the ecosystem through a comprehensive diagnostic. Our goal is to position you in the top positions on high-volume queries, optimize long-tail keywords with relevant content strategies and get you featured snippets; that means we’ll try to position your business higher that organic search engine rankings thanks to structured data markups.

Entrust your SEO to Leonard if:

  • You feel that you are not getting results with your current methods.
  • Organic traffic does not account for at least 50% of your site’s total traffic.
  • Your website does not perform as much as you hoped for.

Our optimization strategies

The content

Based on a comprehensive keyword search, we optimize your existing pages and create new content. Our key word: relevance. Your content should be useful to your personas, answer their questions throughout their buyer’s journey and create value. We also develop content repurposing strategies to generate maximum impact.

The user experience

Crucial for SEO, the information architecture and general user experience of your website need to be given a lot of attention. Our strategists and UX designers work hand in hand to ensure that your site will respond to Google’s best practices for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Referral links

Refferal links send Google the message that a third-party site approves your content. Depending on this third-party site, a link may value or devalue your own site. Our goal is to position your website strategically on sites of interest, realize the full potential of the links you already have, and ensure that no link to your site is toxic.

Technical aspects

A site with the best content and quality referral links may not perform because of technical shortcomings. Our team of developers and integrators is trained to ensure that our websites meet all the technical best practices of search engine optimization. We also ensure the optimal setting of the preferred interface to communicate between a website and Google: the Search Console.

Why entrust your SEO to Leonard ?

We are always up to date

SEO evolves quickly because Google updates its algorithm on an ongoing basis. At Leonard, we stay constantly up-to-date on best practices and carefully monitor any changes. Relying on Google’s guidelines is the key to optimal and sustainable search engine optimization.

Real-time monitoring

We monitor the evolution of your search engine optimization in real time. A competitor passes you on a keyword request, Google deploys an update, new backlinks are detected: we are immediately notified and react when necessary.

Developers that understand SEO

The technical aspects of search engine optimization are important. That is why we make sure that our developers are aware of SEO. When we design a website, we make sure that all best practices are addressed using a comprehensive checklist. We also make sure your domain authority remains intact when we create your new website.

Seize all the opportunities

We make sure to use every opportunity to increase your site’s visibility: featured snippets, local search engine optimization, image referencing, knowledge graph panel and voice search. No stone is left unturned.

Are you satisfied with your website's SEO performance ?

We can help you.