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Custom web and mobile apps

Your project deserves a unique application

Would you like to improve your internal processes, accelerate production management or offer a unique experience to your customers? Whatever your needs and challenges, we can design a responsive custom web app for you that will have a real impact in your organization. We will help you define your needs and determine solutions that are right for your business. Our team of experienced developers will make sure to use the most effective technologies possible (iOS, Android, web or all 3 combined).

Contact Leonard for your project if:

  • You want to use new technologies to increase productivity.
  • You want to take advantage of government tax credits to optimize processes through a custom web app.
  • You have a project that requires 100% customized solutions.

Our approach

Technical evaluation

We start the project with a rigorous definition of all features, specs and associated technologies. We analyze your needs as well as all the infrastructure in place to offer you optimal solutions.

UX and UI design

From the onset of the process, we involve a UX designer who will ensure that all the features are easily accessible and that the entire application is ergonomic, regardless of the size of the screen on which it is viewed.

App development

We develop the application’s structure and features according to the recommendations made in the technical evaluation. We ensure through our rigorous quality control and user testing that the application will be delivered without any bugs.

Database management

We manage all the necessary databases and import them dynamically into your custom web app.

Why entrust your app project to Leonard ?

Hosting and maintenance

We can set up load balancers on web servers to handle a large number of connections. In addition, we ensure constant maintenance of your application and remain available for all your needs.

Infinite possibilities

We design your applications thinking about the future. We want them to evolve over time as your business grows.


We can help you get government tax credits to fund the development of your custom app. Find out about the CDAE, MESI Industry 4.0, the ESSOR program and tax credit for the integration of IT in SMEs.

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