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In addition to other traffic acquisition tools we can use, such as the optimization of search results, the purchase of keywords or full-scale content marketing, our strategy may include online advertising. Web advertising is a powerful tool and that generates a great ROI. Online advertising actually covers a multitude of possibilities, such as targeting by interest or demographic criteria, similar audiences, remarketing or targeting your list of customers. We define each platform, audience, and content based on your goals in a 360-degree campaign plan to give you the best ROAS (return on ad spent).

Entrust your online advertising to Leonard, if:

  • You want to conquer new international markets on the web.
  • Your website is not generating enough qualified visits that convert.
  • You have a new product or service to promote through a web campaign.

Our specialties

Programmatic ads

Programmatic platforms offer a vast amount of online advertising space. The purchase of these ads is done automatically via audience, budget and auction criteria that have been previously defined. If the purpose of these platforms is to find the best available spaces without human intervention, close monitoring of performance and targeting is necessary to ensure optimal results. Leonard offers its services to start, monitor and optimize programmatic campaigns.

Social media

Leonard specializes in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat (China) and Vk.com (Russia). We use these platforms to advertise using highly relevant targeting. Our in-depth understanding of these tools allows us to deliver your ads to a qualified audience.

Native formats

Because good advertising does not always look like advertisements, we often use native ad formats. Less intrusive, they tend to integrate with the editorial content, clearly showing that they are sponsored. Knowing our personas and the sites they visit allows us to target highly relevant adds that offer true value.

Audience lists

Do you take full advantage of your lists, such as those of your website visitors, subscribers to your newsletter, your customers or even your old customers? They can be the audiences of your future ads. The messaging can also be adapted according to previous behaviors: pages visited, purchase made, prolonged inactivity, interest in a product or content, etc. Contact Leonard to learn more about remarketing opportunities and audience lists.

Why choose Leonard for your web advertising ?

Campaign plans

Before we start producing campaigns, we always define a campaign plan with objectives, budgets and all messages to be conveyed.

Turnkey services

Our team is able to support all aspects of your campaigns, including designing a dedicated landing page and creating editorial and graphic content.

Optimization and results

We set up dedicated dashboards to specifically track each campaigns’ results. We also continuously optimize your online advertising campaigns.

Get more from your advertising investments

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