Analysis / Definition of personas

Knowing your audiences to address their needs

Personas: a powerful tool for your digital strategy

Marketing personas are fictitious representations of your target customers. A persona must represent a single target customer, we realize as many persona as necessary depending on different targeted market segments. Once defined, they ensure that all project stakeholders remain focused around users. Your entire digital strategy must revolve around your personas.
B2B and B2C personas present some different subtleties; however, they must all feature information on target customers’ identities (age, sex, income, diplomas …), roles, challenges, motivations, aspirations, behaviors, preferential buyer’s journeys as well as why they will or will not become a recurring clientele.

You need to define your personas if:

  • Your website does not convert as well as it should.
  • You are planning a website redesign.
  • You want to develop a content marketing strategy.

We base our personas on :

What you know

You as well as your sales and customer service reps have an idea of who your customers are. We start by gathering all your knowledge about your customers through a guided interview. We also analyze your databases as they are packed with valuable information about your customers’ demographics and buying habits.

What we can find

A lot of free information can help us build your personas: forums, opinion sites, social networks, job offers, studies, open data, etc. We make sure to gather all relevant information that we can find online.

What they have to say

We can also conduct interviews with people corresponding to your personas in order to validate or invalidate certain hypotheses. Using open questions and without influencing responses, we try to glean new insights.

What your website says

Your website’s analytics can also reveal relevant information about users’ demographics, online behavior and interests. The statistics of your social networks and the interactions that your customers have with your brand are also analyzed. We also use behavioral analysis tools to go further in the study of your personas.

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Why entrust your personas to Leonard ?

Avoid bias

If you know your customers, you already have an opinion on them. To avoid transposing this bias to your personas, it is best to entrust them to an external firm. Leonard’s expertise in designing B2B and B2C marketing personas ensures that you receive accurate documents that will serve as a basis for your entire online strategy. You will learn more about your customers than you thought you knew.

Focus on the consumer

If we systematically develop personas for all our marketing and design projects, it’s because they are indispensable to our consumer-centric approach. Our marketing personas are the guarantee that all aspects of your website, application and marketing will be 100% adapted to their target users.


Our case studies show it and our customers will confirm it: developing marketing personals along with carrying out online business intelligence audits will allow you to achieve online success.

Do you really know your audience ?

We can help you refocus.