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To perform, any solid strategy must be based on analysis. On the web, a complete analysis of the ecosystem in which a site or application will thrive is essential to identify opportunities. For this reason, our mandates always start with an online business intelligence audit as well as the definition of marketing personas.

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The right information at the right place. The relevant call-to-action at the right moment. Smart online investments with the right target and in the right context. To generate results, a cookie-cutter approach does not exist. We design tailor-made strategies for you to reach your target customers wherever they are in the world. Our goal is to increase your profits.

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We design customized websites and applications. Our team directs you to the technologies that suit you best and develops effective, safe and reliable products. Whatever infrastructure you already have in place or your technical challenges, our experienced developers will have the solution. You can count on their support at all times.

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The huge amount of data your site and your web marketing generates will make sense when we turn them into clear, readable, and accessible information. Thanks to our accurate analytics, our data experts produce reports and dashboards that generate actionable business intelligence. And thanks to this, we continuously optimize the performance of your online marketing.

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An extension of your team

We are committed to providing relevant solutions at all levels of your company: marketing, sales, IT, production and management. For that, we learn about your reality and initiate dialogue between your different services. We engage with you in a business relationship based on proximity, trust and transparency. The skillful merge of our expertise combined with your in-depth knowledge of the market will make all the difference to you… and the market.


Complementary talents

Within the team, we are all recognized for our own expertise. We feed on the valuable advice and recommendations of each to propose solutions that will generate impactful results. At Leonard, you’ll meet strategists with diverse profiles mastering all aspects of web marketing, empathetic and creative designers, seasoned analysts, disciplined managers, and technology-savvy developers. All this for you and your digital growth.


Supporting results

Our approach has been proven and our case studies bear witness to this. Thanks to our continuous strategic support, the implementation of personalized dashboards to follow the evolution of your key performance indicators in real time and our expertise in business analysis, we are always able to optimize your performance. And if we are so proud of all these successes, it is because they help promote your know-how around the world.

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