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Creaform Attract more resumes per month thanks to a dedicated career site

455% increase in job applications via YoY organic

+25% increase in visitors since the website was revamped

6% of visitors apply for a job

International recruitment: A major challenge for Creaform

As a worldwide leader in 3D scanning and measurements, Creaform has spectacularly grown since it was originally founded in 2002. As a result, the company’s needs in recruiting highly qualified experts on all continents have also increased. Before the microsite for Creaform’s careers was revamped, it was basically a landing page that listed all available positions and sent candidates to a third-party recruitment platform, Manitou. Creaform was satisfied with its recruitment platform and wanted to continue using it; however, it also wanted to offer users a more fluid experience without having to redirect them to a third party and create an account. In addition to listing available positions, Creaform also wanted to show candidates what life was really like working for the company.

Our expertise brought to the project:


The biggest challenge with this project was to integrate the new career microsite with existing systems, which brought their own share of constraints. The HR team at Creaform used Manitou’s applicant tracking system in many ways, including receiving and processing candidates. Leonard was mandated to develop the most seamless candidate experience possible by ensuring that applicants didn’t have to create an account with Manitou. What’s more, Leonard had to customize the API to display job offers on the site with as much flexibility as possible.


A spotlight on careers at Creaform

To attract qualified candidates, simply listing available positions was not going to cut it. We developed Creaform’s career microsite so that it woudl reflect the company’s values and culture: innovation, passion and determination. Testimonials and pictures of team members were also taken so that candidates could have a complete view of what it is like to work at Creaform.
From the website’s design to user experience, Creaform developed a seamless experience that candidates would love. People can now easily browse available job offers based on their locations, fields of expertise, types of jobs, etc. They can also get a first-hand view of the company and employees who work there.

Optimized user experience

After attracting top talent to the career microsite and encouraged candidates to apply, the ensuing process had to be just as seamless on the web. The UX designer had no constraints: Creaform wanted the most optimal experience for candidates as possible. We developed a frictionless conversion funnel whereby candidates could provide the necessary information, attach their resumes and other additional documents, and enter an optional message.
From a technical standpoint, Leonard had to find a way to bypass Manitou’s requirement that candidates create an account. Leonard’s team of developers designed a custom system that simulated the creation of accounts in an entirely transparent way for users.

ATS integration

In addition to having to bypass Manitou’s account creation, integrating the ATS with Creaform’s website was very complex. To feature contextual job offers and forms, Leonard had to work with the Manitou team, which accepted to make changes to its API. The result: a career microsite adn ATS that work perfectly together! Candidates, who are the primary target of this website, and the Creaform HR team, who are users of the Manitou solution, were delighted by the outcome!

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