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We support ambitious companies in conquering international markets

We make informed decisions through data and know how to prove the results of our actions

We build relevant and efficient digital ecosystems

We are not just a web agency, we are Leonard

Leonard: The springboard of your digital growth.

We do not comfort ourselves in the traditional relationships between an agency and its customers. We go beyond by joining your ranks. We share your goals, challenges and successes through a lasting relationship based on trust and transparency.

Leonard who we are Let's get to know each other

Who is Leonard?

This is asked each time. It’s not the boss’ name, it’s not his dog’s name … So, who is Leonard?

Let's get to know each other
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Our expertise

Web marketing, website and application design, digital transformation: find out exactly everything that can be done for you.

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Our approach

Our approach is inimitable. Discover how we operate and see how it can also lead you to success.

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In constant search of results

We could talk about our successes and ask you to take our word for it, but we prefer letting the numbers speak for themselves.

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x 9 the amount of organic traffic in 2 months

Main goal

Increase traffic with a redesign

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400 active campaigns on Google Ads

Main goal

Generate qualified B2B leads thanks to SEM

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50 truck drivers managed every day

Main goal

Manage the operations of a entire company in a web app

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Our customers

Our clients have entrusted their digital strategies to us–and some for over 15 years. We are extremely proud of their success. Our customers believe in the potential of the Web and have chosen Leonard to achieve their goals.

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Creaform Maibec Eddyfi Soft DB Mecart H2O Innovation Groupe Honco STLĂ©vis

Like them, seize the digital opportunity to surpass your competitors

Do you have a project and are looking for a trusted partner to do it? Let us know, we will be happy to assist you in your digital growth.

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Our services

At Leonard, our ambition is to become a real extension of your team, for which we have developed all the skills necessary for your digital success:

  • Analyzing your business on the web
  • Deciding on strategic directions
  • Designing relevant solutions
  • Optimizing your online presence continuously
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Do you really know who your competitors are on the web? Do you know what are the habits of your personas? Our methodology and analytical tools allow us to gather the information needed to implement a strong digital strategy.

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No ready recipe! We take into account the realities of your market and develop action plans according to your objectives. The result is well-coordinated actions that reach your target and have a direct impact on your turnover.

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We design high-performance applications and websites tailored to your needs. And because a powerful site may cause quite a stir in the marketplace, we also have solutions to increase your productivity: integration with your CRM, systems customization, dashboard creation…you name it!

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Because a good website is never finished, we analyze our results and continually refine our strategies to be more efficient. Our team is never content with the status quo and will always try to exceed your expectations.

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Work at Leonard!

Join our team of experts and take on stimulating challenges.

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